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The admissions process can sometimes feel overwhelming for families, as well as for their loved one having to leave their home. However, with the right tools in place, the adjustment to the nursing home can be quite comfortable. Here are a few suggestions that may help the resident feel more at home:

  • Before the new resident arrives, you are welcome to come and set up the room with familiar things (i.e. family pictures, bedding, television, mini fridge, recliner, radio).
  • Bring the resident’s clothing properly labeled with the resident’s name. Staff will also be available to assist with labeling if not completed.
  • Make a list of the resident’s items (clothing and non-clothing items) on an inventory sheet provided by the facility.
  • Plan to meet and greet with the staff so that we can become familiar with the resident’s wants and needs, and likes or dislikes.
  • Plan to visit your loved one, and make plans if possible for family activities outside of the facility. It may also be helpful to get involved in the life of the facility such as monthly birthday parties, church services, scheduled activities and family council.
  • Notify other family and friends of the resident’s new home address so that they can visit or send cards and letters.
  • The facility does provide laundry services. If the family chooses to do laundry, a notice will be placed in the resident’s room.
  • Free cable services are available for each bed.

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Our Social Services staff will be happy to assist you further with your admission questions or concerns. Please contact Oak Lane Wellness and Rehabilitation Center by phone at (337) 550-7200 or by e-mail [email protected].

Admission & Welcome Packet

Admission Packet – pdf
Welcome Package – pdf


Admission Packet - pdf
Welcome Package - pdf